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A career change is always a daunting task: The typical questions in people's minds are: Is the company right for me? How would the role fit into my career aspiration? Am I getting paid enough? Given our extensive experience of hiring for firms internationally, we will be able to help address some of the queries mentioned above.


Please feel free to seek a direct meeting with any of our consultants for practical, reliable advice on your career. You may contact us at hr@simplynaukri.in for a free, no obligation appointment. Our highly experienced consultants, who are continually in touch with employers and candidates alike, have their pulse on the hiring market. In addition, our wide network of global offices gives us excellent insights into the international recruitment market.


Contact Us today and let us help you reach an effective career decision!


Confused? Don't know where your career is heading? Relax!
Our in-house Experts will answer all your career queries. Consult our experts online for career guidance and get the best career advice for a successful career. Just send in your Question to us along with your contact details and you will soon get the answers to all the career related problems that are troubling you.

  • The Expert for you service is only for career related queries.
  • This service is available on a no charge basis for a limited period only.
  • This service is being extended to all users of SNi in good faith.
  • Simplynaukri.in and its associates, partners and subsidiaries would be in no way be liable for any loss incurred due to any responses or actions resulting from viewing of such responses by the end users of this service.



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Question: I am a graduate, with an interest in Commercial Art. I would like to work in a medium where I can display my creativity. What are the career options that I can explore?

Answer: You can be a visual merchandiser for a large showroom or fashion studio or you could join an advertising agency as a visualiser. Typography and calligraphy are 2 excellent options that you can look at. Both involve communication through the means of the written word. The styling of the letters, the fonts, the colours used, all convey the attitude of the word. You could also work as a photographer in an advertising agency or be a freelance photographer.


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